Fiberglass Repairs

Watch a YouTube video on pool repairs and you will soon discover that what we do on a daily basis is extremely labor intensive. We are essentially putting a sizable body of water in a location that it was never meant to be in. This body of water must be self-containing, clean and non hazardous. Without human intervention, seas, oceans, lakes and streams have eco-systems that regulate its pH. Man-made swimming pools require a delicate balance of artificial chemicals that can kill you if used in high doses. It’s these chemicals that eventually erode the surface of your spa. Fortunately, you have Tru Blu Pool Remodeling Tampa to make things right again.

Drilling & Draining

When our expert pool contractors encounter blisters, the first strategy is to drain the pool. We then drill tiny holes in each and every blister to prep them for repair. By drilling these holes, trapped water is released. We cannot do a thorough resurfacing job if water is trapped. The benefit of having a fiberglass pool is that less chemicals are required to keep it clean and safe. However, the pH balance is more difficult to maintain when compared to plaster pools because the acid demand is lower. It’s the acid that eventually eats away at the surface, causing blisters to form in the first place.

Grind & Fill

There are many DIY videos on YouTube showing you how you can resurface your pool yourself. We understand the need to save money when you can, but you will never reap professional results. Most people don’t have five days to devote to resurfacing their pool or spa. The next step in the repair process is grinding down the damaged surface area and then filling the gaps with fiberglass putty resin. For a smooth surface, we apply a second coat of resin. A pool can have hundreds of blisters that need attention. This entire process can take the entire day. Leave the fiberglass repair to the experts, you’ll be happy that you did.

Coating & Sanding

The next step is to use a pressure washer to mechanically sand the entire pool surface. Once this is complete, we apply three layers of gel coating. This coating is thick and must dry for three days before we can commence to filling your pool. Gel coatings can be challenging because it is labor intensive to get the colors to match. Most companies apply the first color layer, then a secondary layer, followed by the sheen and clear coat. Tru Blu Pool Remodeling Tampa has a solution to mismatched colors. We employ a solid surface gel finish to achieve a uniform look.

Pressure Wash and Refill

After three days of gel coat drying, we can finally embark on the final steps. Our pool experts pressure wash the pool surface then refill it for you. You are now able to swim and sunbathe in your fiberglass pool just like it was brand new. We are professional pool experts who take our work seriously. We know how valuable your relaxation and leisure time is to you. We arrive punctually and we don’t leave until we either reach an impasse or the day’s work is done. You don’t have to worry about us taking your deposit and running away. At Tru Blu Pool Remodeling Tampa, we value your business and our reputation.

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