How to know when it’s time to remodel your pool?

Perhaps the fact that you have ended up with this article is a hint that you actually need to remodel your pool in Tampa. Possibly at the moment, you cannot point out the primary cause yet.

​But no need to fret because we will help you determine if you need to renovate your pool repairs or a minor repair can do.

Signs why you need to renovate your pool

Not every house has a luxury of having an indoor or outdoor swimming pool. Mayhap now you might have been missing the excitement and enjoyment of diving in your pool.

​Maybe presently it looks far different from how it looks before, or you think you’re so used to seeing that view that it doesn’t interest you anymore. Whatever your reason is here are some of the common warnings why you have to remodel your swimming pool.

1. Indications of damage

If you see cracks, blistering surfaces, discolored or stained spots on your pool, then you can easily figure out that you might really need to renovate your pool. You may want to consider lining repair or re-tiling but it’s best to consult a pool expert who can assess if it’s only an aesthetic problem, or it can cause safety problems which might need minor or major repairs.

​These are all visible signs of decay which require your attention because a single crack might cause you a bigger problem in the long run.

2. It is old and inefficient

In case you see that the vinyl pool liners are fading it can indicate that the pool is old. Vinyl pool liners can only last from 10-15 years. You might be thinking twice if you will renovate your pool or not, but keep in mind that pools made 10 years ago are not economical and energy efficient as pools today. It might be costly, but it can save you more money eventually.


3.Safety concern and hazards

Pool renovation is not only for aesthetic purposes but also for your family’s safety. Old pools usually don’t have safety features aside from that there are several hazards to look at including loose tiles, lack of safety fence especially if you have little kids at home, electrical and lighting damage.

​New pools have safety features that are worth the cost, they will not just pay off for years, but it will also provide security and protection for the entire family.

4. Frequent repairs and leaks

If for the past months you have frequently been calling pool repair service because your pool has leaks or other recurring damages, then it will be more beneficial to undergo a major pool renovation. Instead of a constant repair, you may want to replace some parts of its main mechanism or perform a more thorough pool remodel.

Need help for pool renovation or repair?

Tru Blue Pool Renovation Tampa will provide a complete assessment of your pool’s safety and deliver the most up-to-date features.

​Call us now so we can start to evaluate if you need a repair or renovation.

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