Screen Enclosure

Friends and family around the country wonder why screen enclosures are necessary in places like Tampa. Yes, the weather is warm to hot year round but as it turns out, there are many predators to protect yourself from in Florida. Gators and opportunists alike can pose a threat to your backyard tranquility. We love screen enclosures because they transform your pool and spa into a relaxing extension of your home. From an architectural perspective, they open up your home and allow you to be outdoors without really being outdoors. The screen enclosure designs available are endless. When you’re ready to upgrade your lifestyle, give Tru Blu Pool Remodeling Tampa a call.

Protection Against Living Things

Alligators going for a dip; frogs hopping from one end to the other; snakes slithering through the grass and annoying mosquitos buzzing in your ear are all things you must protect yourself from when you live in Tampa. With all these predators to contend with, you may be wondering why you chose this place to begin with . . . oh right, it was the cleanliness and temperate weather conditions. With a screen enclosure you don’t need to spray yourself with toxic repellent to ward off mosquitos. You can enjoy a sumptuous slice of watermelon without competing with flies for a bite. Opportunist neighbors and sweaty passersby are less likely to highjack your pool if there’s an enclosure around it.

Protection Against the Sun’s Rays

Scientists supply us with new evidence daily illustrating how the ozone layer is depleting. You’ve got to admit, that this isn’t the same sun we grew up with. Summers are more intense and droughts have become commonplace. You can control how the sun impacts your skin. Screen enclosures diffuse the sun’s harmful UV rays. In combination with an adequate sunscreen, and you’ve got it made. Our favorite screen enclosure project included a solar powered sun roof. The client was able to tan and expose her plants to full sun rays with the click of a button. It would be our pleasure to install a solar powered screen enclosure for you too.

Upgrade your Living Space

If you prefer an open floor plan, you’ll love this! From an architectural standpoint, screen enclosures broaden your space and expand your eye. Just like dark paint can make a space seem smaller, attaching screen enclosures to your home and out into your yard, will make your home feel wildly expansive. Have parties until the wee hours of the morning or moon bathe in the nude under the twilight stars without being bothered with harsh rays and nosey onlookers. Some of our clients use screen enclosures as rudimentary green houses. We can install a ventilation system for the benefit of you and your plants.

Quick Installation

Although screen enclosures are very sturdy and can withstand high speed winds, they are very quick to install. Due to the fact that Tampa must endure hurricane season annually, pool contractors must build structures bearing that in mind. State certification requires that we know and follow best building practices specific to the state of Florida. We can install a pre-fabricated screen enclosure within the day. This means that when we start in the morning, by evening, you can be sipping sweet tea under the moon and stars. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, give us a call today.

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