Tile & Coping

Tiling and coping lends a finished look to your pool and spa. Without it, your pool would resemble a large hole in ground. Over a period of several years, your coping can settle, leaving others sections to jut away from the ground’s surface. When this occurs, you, your family, guests and service providers can trip over the coping, causing injury. No one wants to fall on hard concrete, bricks or tile. You must also consider the legal liabilities at play. Maintaining level and smooth coping mitigates your need for a personal injury defense lawyer.

Aesthetics and Finished Look

The right coping can really enhance the look of your pool and spa. It can either blend into the surrounding environment or stand out, creating a visual feast. The final look depends on your personal style, lifestyle and taste. If you’re unsure of the direction you want to go in or the look you want to create, we highly recommend taking a peek at some images on Pinterest to see what is possible. From there you should be able to narrow down a few desired looks. Of course, our team will come prepared with photos and product samples to make the decision process easier.

Coping Compositions

Here’s where it gets fun because you can choose from a variety of different materials. Marble, granite, travertine and blue stone lend themselves to a more sophisticated aesthetic. If you prefer a modern streamlined look, we highly suggest one of these surfaces. Sandstone, limestone and brick offer a more traditional appeal. Depending on whether it’s poured or precast, concrete can go either way. Porcelain tiles create a bohemian, Spanish or exotic oasis within your backyard. Whether you choose rustic or sophisticated, modern or traditional, our team of skilled pool repair experts possess the expertise and equipment to make your dream a reality.

Types of Finishes

Coping finishes are nearly as varied as the materials used to construct them. You can can choose to seal the coping or leave it untreated. Is your preference to leave the surface smooth or unfinished? With concrete there are an array of colors available. We can even distress your concrete coping for a more rustic and unfinished look. When it comes to your pool and spa, the sky is the limit. Email us your top five looks and we’ll follow up with a complimentary consultation and estimate. During your consult, we will present pictures of our work and product samples so you can see what they will look like in real time.

Contrasting Grout

Pools and spas add value to your home and your neighbor’s home. Why not go all out and use contrasting grout when tiling your pool? Contrasting grout creates a heightened level of visual interest. There are several different grout colors to choose from. Most people use their pool as an extension of their living room or entertainment area. You can select a grout color that compliments your existing interior décor. Or you can opt to create a completely different visual experience by going for something drastically opposite. Whatever you decide, we will be patient and use our active listening skills to hear what you desire underneath the layers to bring your vision to life.

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