When is it Time to Have your Pool Resurfaced?

As a pool owner, upkeep can sometimes be confusing and strenuous. Because of this, it is important that you know how to maintain your pool to minimize back hand pool repair expenses that may come up if not prevented. One of the easiest things to stay on top of is pool remodel. This is a preventative measure that keeps your pool in shape after wear and tear. The challenge with pool remodel is that sometimes, especially for new pool owners, it may be difficult to tell when your pool needs pool resurface.
Here are ways to know when it is time for you to resurface your pool:

You have stains that won’t seem to go away.

Generally, stains are not dangerous and don’t pose any real harm to your pool that isn’t merely superficial. If anything, these stains are usually just eye sores. However daunting, they can still be a problem. Some types of stains tend to grow and simply cannot be removed by a cleaning agent. These stains are usually caused by things like fallen leaves and natural debris, algae, or chemical and mineral inputs. It’s much better to be ahead of the issue. If the stain persists after multiple cleaning attempts, taking this as a signal that it’s time to resurface your pool would be wise.

Your pool has Uneven Texture and Tarnished Tile

This issue is typically more irritating than stains. Now we are talking possible injury. Rough areas in your pool and corroded tile are usually caused by changes in weather and, in some cases, harsh cleaning agents. Certain climates can cause the surface of your pool to deteriorate at a faster rate than others. Either way, at some point, this will become an issue for every pool. A way to stay on top of your texture of your pool surface and to maintain awareness about when it’s time for a pool resurface due to texture is to pay attention to the frequency at which you must clean your pool. If you find that you’re having to clean your pool more often than normal, that’s usually a good indicator of the pool needing to be resurfaced. In addition to texture, staying on top of tile corrosion for tile pools is important. Although tile pools tend to last longer, ruptured tiles can pose a larger safety threat to swimmers.

Your Pool is beginning to Leak.

The ultimate sign that your pool needs resurfacing is pool leakage. If you find that your pool is no longer holding water the way it should, it is time to take pool repair into serious consideration. Usually leaking water is caused by the issues not being addressed early enough. If resurfacing isn’t done in response to water leakage, this could cause an increase in water bills and it could also escalate the price of resurfacing your pool.

Upon recognizing these signs, you should elect to have your pool resurfaced to save both time and money.

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