7 Things to Do in Tampa, FL

There is way, way too many things one can do in Tampa. Whether you came here solo, in a group or with family, the city of Tampa is ready to entertain you. One thing Tampa is known for is its proximity to the shoreline which provides a beautiful view of the sunset and sunrise.
When thinking about Tampa, think pirates, natives, and Spanish conquistadors. It doesn’t stop there, though; there are zoos, activities, and significant events you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Below, we have enlisted several locations that are bound to produce exciting and unforgettable memories for you when you visit Tampa.

7 Things to do in Tampa, FL

Visit the Tampa Bay History Center

Interested in learning more about the history of the town called Tampa, Florida? Then head on over to the History Center. The museum displays exhibits revolving around the first inhabitants and historical figures of the city. New exhibits are featured every few months. For example, until February 2019, there will be an exhibit dedicated to birds.

Captain Memo’s Original Pirate Cruise

Nothing makes children happier than enacting as their favorite TV or Cartoon character. In Captain Memo’s Original Pirate Cruise, children actually get the chance to do so. Apart from getting to pretend to be Captain Jack Sparrow, kids and adults alike can work on their team building.

Busch Gardens

Too famous and fun to be missed, visiting the Busch Gardens is entirely on that to-do list. It is an African-themed animal park that features more than 12,000 animals, thrilling rides and live entertainment that will keep you occupied for the whole day.

Ultimate Tampa Bay and Fort de Soto Helicopter Tour

Walking on foot, driving, cycling; those are things you do on the ground. Why not go for something more exciting that gives you a bird’s eye view of the city. Get on a helicopter tour to enjoy the beauty of Tampa city that possibly mesmerized Juan Ponce de Leon when he first landed on the shoreline of Florida.

Big Cat Rescue

Cats are cats, no matter their size or color. This particular facility houses big cats from majestic tigers to beautiful ocelots. It is the biggest accredited facility for a big cat rescue, raising awareness of private ownership of big cats and unnatural uses or violent/harsh treatments against them. Expect squealing cat ladies inside!

Can You Escape?

Escape room brought to life is the definition of this particular escape room game. With so many stories and theme you can choose from, it’s pretty impossible not to find something that you’d love to try. Capacity is up to 75 people! Each game can last up to 1.5 hours, and some have customizable difficulties.

Gasparilla Pirate Fest

It is the most iconic yearly event in Tampa. The event is named after Jose Gaspar, a pirate who used to bring terror to the waters of West Florida in the 18th century. There is also a children’s event which is celebrated a week before the main event on January 27.

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