While most of the country is freezing their rear ends off, Tampa residents are lounging by their outdoor, below ground pools. Our loved ones up north post pictures of their cars buried in snow on social media. Meanwhile we’re sipping on daiquiris and enjoying a good barbecue. Although they they make you feel guilty, you can’t help but laugh about it. It’s a free country and they can move just like you did. Life by the pool is not all fun and games.

At times, there’s a heavy price to pay. Pools require daily maintenance, the perfect assortment of chemicals to keep everyone safe and overtime your pool’s surface erodes. This is when you reach out to the best pool repair company Tampa has to offer. We proudly serve Tampa and Hillsborough County. For twenty-five years we have handled quality swimming pool renovation throughout the area.

Like a pair of bespoke shoes, the options available to you are endless when customizing your pool. Do you want an underground pool with ceramic Spanish tile coping complete with a screen enclosure? How about an ultra modern concrete bastion illuminated with LED lights? Whatever your flavor, Tru Blue Pool Remodeling Tampa possesses the technical expertise to make your vision come to life. While we enjoy new construction, our bread and butter is fiberglass repair and pool/spa resurfacing. Our office is conveniently located in Tampa, FL. Give us a call today, and we can schedule a complimentary consult within the hour.

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