Replace Concrete Deck

If your deck was constructed properly, it will be many years before you need to replace your deck. However, the same factors that cause sidewalks to buckle, shift and move impact your concrete deck in the same way. Over time, tree roots push concrete slabs out the way. The ground settles and the concrete naturally sinks into the ground. Erosion and natural wear and tear force it to crack. When it happens on the street, it becomes the city’s responsibility but when it happens in your home, contact Tru Blu Pool Remodeling Tampa before it becomes an eyesore and legal liability.

Repair your Concrete Deck

You installed your concrete deck thirty years ago. The kids are gone, you’re retired and you don’t spend nearly as much time by the pool as you used to. Over the years, the concrete slabs surrounding your pool have settled and shifted. The thought of one of your grandkids tripping over one of the slabs, falling into the pool and drowning is what makes you Google, ‘pool repair near me’. If you’re not ready to replace your deck, we can jack up the fallen concrete and fortify it with bricks and newly poured concrete, level it and fill in the cracks. It’s not ideal, but it will get you another 10 years of good use.

Pour New Concrete

The concrete deck that you inherited when you purchased your new home is quite outdated, chipped and in need of repair. The home was constructed in the mid 1980’s. When the realtor showed it to you, you envisioned a streamlined and modern concrete deck. After accumulating several pictures from Pinterest to serve as design ideas, you call the most respected pool renovation company in Tampa. After your free consultation you settle on one design that will bring you modern oasis to life. Within hours we are able to mix, pour and score the concrete. After three days of drying, your contemporary oasis is ready for use.

Stones & Pebbles

As long as we’re pouring fresh concrete, we might as well add some pebbles while we’re at it. Pebbles and stones are a magnificent way to upgrade your outdoor space. They massage your feet and add dimension to your deck. There are a variety of colors available to you. Our expert pool professionals will be happy to show you some samples during your free consult. Pebbled concrete decks take the same amount of time to install as plain decks. These textured decks also add a modicum of value to your home. Get ready for the oohs and ahhs when you contact us to install your custom built stone deck.

Colored Concrete

Colored concrete has been around for a while but only recently has it become increasingly popular. The effect of colored concrete is akin to adding a slight stain. We like it because it augments detail without being obtrusive. Colored concrete is a subtle way to draw the eye in. It’s affordable and takes roughly the same time to install as plain concrete. Our home maintenance masonries use high strength concrete along with a fade resistant concrete paint. We can leave the surface rough or we can buff it and add sheen for a more contemporary appeal. At Tru Blue Pool Remodeling Tampa, the choice is yours.

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