What to Look for When Hiring A Pool Resurfacing Company

When a pool’s surface begins to peel off or chip, there are two things at stake:

  • The effect on the appearance of the pool
  • The safety of the users/occupants of the pool

With these two critical factors at play, it becomes necessary to resurface the pool. Pool resurfacing at first might appear overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be when you have Tru Blue Pool Remodeling Tampa at your service. A decision on who gets contracted to resurface the pool should not be rushed.

Therefore, before hiring any pool resurfacing company, ensure that you look out for the following:

• A Valid Contractor’s License

Not all states make it compulsory for a pool resurfacing contractor to own a license, but this is an aspect you can consider to determine the legitimacy of the business. A serious business owner with legal services will ensure that all the necessary documents are in place for them to safely practice. For pool resurfacing companies, you ought to look out for a swimming pool contractor’s license or a general contractor’s license with an endorsement for swimming pools.

To verify if the company has either of the two, you can make a visit to the license office of your state and inquire about this. From this, you can be confident in the fact that your contractor has the necessary license to help in resurfacing your pool.

• Check the BBB Listing

BBB stands for Better Bureau Business. Great businesses pay particular attention to the reputations they cultivate. One of the best ways to check the status a business holds amongst its customers is to take a look at the listing.

The listing reflects the volume of business handled by the pool resurfacing contractor and the number of complaints against it. The nature of the claims such as billing, personnel or administrative should also be checked out. Be sure to find out if the company also tried to resolve the problem so you can know what you are dealing with.

• Check their references

Most businesses like Tru Blue Pool Remodeling Tampa, showcase works they have done in the past to reassure customers of the fact that they are legitimate and that they can be trusted. It is straightforward to verify the claims of the pool resurfacers by investigating if their clientele actually exists or the feedback on their website is from legit sources.

Make inquiries about whether or not the images displayed on the site of the company represent actual works done by them or if they are just stock images. You can also ask about previous work done by them and if you can visit the clients to be sure of this.

• Visit their office

You can never be too sure about the existence of a company unless you pay a private visit. A reputable company will ensure that its physical location represents the services they are trying to sell to the customers. You can judge the professional appearance of the staff, the office itself and the treatment received.

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